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Our company has 1 rice mills, which are located in ES-1B -137, Sector-A Sitapur Road Yojana, Jankipuram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India-226021. Our mills are equipped with the most advance technologies. The mills are equipped with Buhler machinery and are PLC Plant which helps us get the best quality and production capacity at the same time. Our daily production amounts to 12 MT per hour.


The process of parboiling uses treated soft water obtained from our water treatment plants. The parboiling plants have specially designed soaking bins with sensors based on sophisticated controller for maintaining and determining the water temperatures. The advanced parboiling method ensures that the grain is free from unwanted smell and confirms to most hygienic processing of the grain, preserving its natural fragrance & aroma during the entire process.

Titans Advance
Titans Advance


Our professionals team of employees make sure 100% quality control, right from the stage of procurement of paddy, milling, parboiling, the cleaning process, packaging and logistics. Our rice mills are a stage of art and are fully equipped with pre-cleaners, de-huskers, polishers, sortex, silky, rice bins and magnets to completely protect the food process against contamination and other impurities during the food process of milling. All the latest machinery and technology is imported from Japan & United Kingdom and our company also keeps upgrading the working system every year.


Our Labs are fully equipped with advanced and latest machine to check the quality of every and each grain of rice. Our professionals team of employees make sure that we get the best product with 100% quality control. To make this possible our team tests the paddy and rice at every step of processing. Our Laboratrarian are well experienced who does not pass any single piece of rice grain from the laboratory if it is failed in quality test. Thus our Laboratrarian plays a vital role to insure the quality of our products.

Titans Advance
Titans Advance


As we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of Basmati Rice and Non Basmati Rice we have huge warehouse facility to hold large stock of all kinds of Basmati and Non-Basmati rice. Our warehouses are well-maintained to sustain the quality standards during the period of storage. In fact, the large stock of products has helped us to cater to the demands of the customers even in the period of crisis. The rice is stored in the warehouses of the company, which are spacious and well ventilated. A vigilant staff ensures hygienic conditions in the warehouse. Further on, regular inspection and fumigation is carried out to prevent any kind of infestation against various microorganisms.


We have our own Logistics systems. We have our own Trucks to deliver our sacks of rice in different areas of country.

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